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Exhibition Kiosk Distinguishing and Unique designs Build to Achieve Branding and Sales Goals

Graphics and 3D The Graphics and photo-realistic 3D Renders Help Achieving the Best Quality Design

Modular Stands Most Cost Efficient Exhibition Stand Type, Fully Reusable and Reconfigurable

Shell Scheme Tailor-made High-end Branding for Information and Business Objectives

Double Decker Eye-catching, Futuristic Stand Design and Architecture for Maximum Space Utilization

Customized Tailor-made to Accommodate the Customer Needs for Space, Shape, Cost and Stand Design

Digital Solutions Video Walls, Interactive Signage, Registration Kiosk to Enhance Visitor’s Experience

Large Pavilions Covering Large Spaces to Maximize the Outcome of the Stand with Higher ROIs


Installation and Dismantling

Every minute counts when your exhibit is being installed and dismantled, at Dreamz unlimited we understand that. This is why we've developed a system that consistently and effectively saves you money at each and every show. Dreamz Unlimited will provide you with the identical supervised labor crew of skilled carpenters at setup and dismantle show after show. As a result, our labor becomes familiar with your exhibit, which in turn makes for a quicker, easier setup and dismantle each time, saving you time and money. Our labor crews will be equipped with all of the necessary tools and equipment to provide the most efficient setup and dismantle possible.


Project Management and Supervision

Each and every client of ours will work with a dedicated project manager and coordinated on-site supervisor. Every show requires a great amount of pre-show planning. From arranging freight delivery to preparing and submitting all show order forms.Dreamz Unlimited handles every aspect. Our on-site supervision begins before the exhibit material even arrives on the show floor. Our supervisors will be sure to have your electrical floor work installed and properly located and your freight staged for easy access, ensuring that our labor crews can go to work immediately. As work progresses, our on site supervisor will monitor their progress, leading the team and ensuring a speedy and meticulous install and dismantle of your exhibit.


Transportation and Logistics

Dreamz Unlimited is dedicated to bringing you cost-effective, high quality exhibit services through exceptional personal care and meticulous attention to detail. Our nationwide project management team will be with you every step of the way, giving you the peace of mind you need to ensure that your trade show exhibit can make the greatest impact at the least cost to you.



Our state of the art facilities across the country offer temperature controlled, fully maintained and secure storage warehousing solely dedicated to the trade show industry.


Emergency Repairs

With any emergency arising on show site, Dreamz Unlimited is prepared to respond immediately. Should an emergency repair be required, we're geared to respond in a time sensitive fashion. Our network of facilities in all hub cities enables us to deal with any situation effectively.


Exhibit Rentals

Trade Show Specialists offers a wide variety of custom rental solutions for any show. Take a look at our exhibit rentals page for more information and a few examples of available rental exhibits.


Graphics and Signage

With our in-house graphics and signage production departments, we can service any graphic or signage need you may have. We employ the latest printing technology to provide you with a complete spectrum of graphic services. Getting you that last minute print is never an issue.

Exhibitions And Event Contractor

Help you to build and design : Exhibition stand, Event Management, Interior design , AV service , Graphic and printing